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Name: TortoiseHg
Size: 21.19 MB
Publisher: Steve Borho and others
License type: Freeware
Home page:
Latest version: 1.1.9
Last updated: February 14th, 2011
Content: TortoiseHg is a set of graphical tools and a shell extension for the Mercurial distributed revision control system.
On Windows, TortoiseHg consists of a shell extension, which provides overlay icons and context menus in
your file explorer, and a command line program named hgtk.exe which can launch the TortoiseHg tools. Binary packages of TortoiseHg for Windows come with Mercurial and a merge tool and are thus completely ready for use "Out of the Box".
On Linux, TortoiseHg consists of a command line hgtk script and a Nautilus extension which provides overlays and context menus in your file explorer. You must have Mercurial installed separately in order to run TortoiseHg on Linux. TortoiseHg binary packages list Mercurial as a dependency, so it is usually installed for you automatically.
TortoiseHg is primarily written in Python and PyGtk (the Windows shell extension being the notable exception). The hgtk script and TortoiseHg dialogs can be used on any platform that supports PyGtk, including Mac OS X.



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