Classic Shell

Name: Classic Shell
Size: -
Publisher: Ivo Beltchev
License type: Open source
Home page:
Latest version: 2.9.3
Last updated: February 19th, 2011
Content: Classic Shell lets you use the classic start menu and other features from Windows XP/2000/Vista in your new Windows 7. It will also offer you to install Classic Explorer, an application that adds a customizable toolbar to your Windows IE with lots of customizable features. This way, if you do not feel at
home with Windows 7’s start menu, you can still use this new operating system in the old way.

You will recover some missed features, like the "Run" command, or the "Programs" entry. Classic Shell does not disable the original start menu - you will still be able to invoke it by pointing to the Start Button and clicking on it while pressing the Shift key.

The program has several settings that can be changed to customize the start menu appearance – for instance, applying different skins and icons.

The Windows Explorer toolbar will not appear instantly. You must follow some simple steps that are fully explained on the developer’s site. In the Classic Explorer settings, you will be able to choose the pane style, to make your buttons fade, to change their size, etc.



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