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Name: Internet Explorer 8
Size: -
Publisher: Microsoft
License type: Freeware
Home page:
Latest version: 8.0.7600
Last updated: August 24th, 2011
Content: Internet Explorer 8.0 is the latest browser from Microsoft. This is a real improvement over the program we all knew only three or four years ago, although you probably will not notice many differences if you are upgrading from version 7, as the major changes are hidden “beneath the hood”. The Web has come a long way since it started. Today’s websites are full of images, flash applications, videos, and everyone expects
them to be interactive, respond to their current location (work, home, or an exotic holiday’s destination), translate to their native language, and be easy to use. Fast and complete. There is too much information and too little time. We communicate with our friends, share family pictures, and even do our shopping online. And for all of that, we rely on our web browser. This program has become an integral part of our lives. Download ie8

Internet Explorer 8 has focused on several features where his competitors were gaining an edge. Speed was always one of those, and Microsoft made significant improvements in this area. This time all the sites seem to appear fast and smoothly, and the annoying delay in opening new tabs found in previous versions is also gone.



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