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Name: Download Google Earth - Google Earth Pro
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Publisher: Google
License type: Shareware
Home page:
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Last updated: August 24th, 2011
Content: Google Earth Pro is a shareware earth-mapping program. This program allows regular technical and non-technical users alike to explore earth mapping and geographical capabilities using built-in user-friendly features for easy operation and exploration. It has a medium-level learning curve, especially for first-time users, but can be mastered with the provided online guidance via the developer's website. Users
inetrested in mapping should find this program educational, useful, and enjoyable.

The program is very easy to use and operate, and maps and diagrams, as well as search functions are completed quickly and efficiently. Any user can operate this program easily, with minimal reference to the user guide. It is a breeze to use. The program offers a variety and multitude of sophisticated features (including GPS, movie-making creation and effects, as well as directional searches, and layering options) for users to play around with, and is an excellent educational tool for adults, school-age children, and all other science and earth-mapping enthusiasts of all ages. Download Google Earth

This program will provide hours of fun and excitement for families and children, as they share quality valuable time with each other, while simultaneously learning all about earth-mapping-related activities.



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