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Name: Sexy Dreams 3D
Size: 7.38 MB
Publisher: Style Software
License type: Shareware
Price: 39.99$ Purchase
Home page:
Latest version: 4.3
Last updated: January 24th, 2011
Content: Sexy Dreams 3D is an adult sex game based on Monopoly, which can be played by up to 4 players. You will start deciding, how many players will be participating in the game, and defining, if the player is male or female, his/her sexual preferences and their desired partner mode. As in Monopoly, players will
have to roll the dice to advance on the board. They will buy property as well, but they will also buy sexual desires, sexual toys, clothes... Each time a player lands on another player’s property, he or she will have the choice to pay a rent or perform a desire for the property owner.

You begin with a certain amount of money, which can be increased by selling clothes or desires, and will definitely decrease when you pay rents, and buy clothes or desires.

You can edit the already available desires, and you can add your own desires to the game. You may, of course, delete those desires that you do not want to use in the game. You can use the unregistered version of this game for fifteen days. In the trial version of this program, the 'Select Toys' option is limited.



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