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Name: ADTidy
Size: 664.5 KB
Publisher: Cjwdev
License type: Freeware
Home page:
Latest version: 1.4
Last updated: June 14th, 2011
Content: This application will search your Active Directory domain for user/computer accounts that match your search criteria, then you can perform a number of actions on the accounts that were found - such as
moving them to another OU, disabling them, or removing them from all groups.
-Search for user or computer accounts
-Search entire domain or select a specific OU
-Specify alternate credentials to connect to domain with
-Get account last logon information from all DCs or select specific DCs
-Optionally only find accounts that have not logged on for a specified number of days
-Can ping any computer accounts found, to help confirm if they are still active
-Exclude or include disabled accounts, or only find disabled accounts
-Exclude specific account names from the search results
-Save search settings to file so that you can reload them whenever you want
-Works with domains that you are not a member of (assuming you provide valid credentials)
-Help buttons within the application explain what each setting is for



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