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QT designer, an excellent IDE for QT
Name: Qt OpenSource
Size: -
Publisher: Trolltech ASA
License type: Open source
Home page:
Latest version: 4.7.1
Last updated: November 24th, 2010
Content: QT is one of the main development libraries used in the open source world, like Linux and MacOS. It is a robust, cross-platform project that enables the developer to build great rich desktop applications. The KDE desktop is one of the featured projects that relies on this excellent framework.
Please note: this is a developer package. This is NOT a double-click-install-and-run package. You have to
follow several steps before start using this utility!
After downloading QT sources, install a compiler (the only one supported is MinGW, you can download and install MinGW from their official site:
Next, add some directories to the PATH variable (bin directories of qt and mingw), and run this command from the command line:
configure.exe -platform win32-g++
Now, be patient and wait that messages stop with a "success" message or something similar. It takes several minutes.
The last thing is to actually build QT. The command is:
mingw32-make Again, please be patient, and this time wait a couple of HOURS. Yes, 2,5 hours in an AMD x64 Dual Core 3600+. Cross your fingers! You will waste valuable time if the process encounters an error. Maybe you can try to exclude some apps to compile, read INSTALL and README file for instructions.
Finally, when the process is finished, you will get some EXE and DLL files under the 'bin' QT installation directory. Enjoy developing!


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