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Name: Battle for Wesnoth
Size: 135.4 MB
Publisher: David White
License type: Freeware
Home page:
Latest version: 1.9.4
Last updated: February 6th, 2011
Content: The battle of Wesnorth a free turn-based strategy game developed by David White. This game is set in a fantasy world, where you will control a character with his own characteristics for the fight. The goal is
to defeat your enemies.

The characters can be elves, humans, dwarves, mages, orcs and trolls.
If you choose an elf archer your abilities will be the strength and the speed.
In the units is important to have a white mages because they have the ability to heal their partners. The units will have better defence in order to the scenario which they are. For example the dwarves on the mountains are impossible to catch as well as the elves in the woods.

Finally, the units will earn experience as they fight and kill their enemies and to reach more experience they will be transformed into new units with new attacks and abilities. When you reach a certain level, which varies depending on the unit, you will access to the next level.
The gameplay is based on shifts and its easy to understand. For those who have play strategy games this is not a novelty, is more of the same but has an excellent gameplay.

Graphics and sound.
The graphics are excellent and the scenarios are very well done. The sound effects are good and the soundtrack is nice.

In conclusion, is an excellent game you will enjoy it. And For Free!



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