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Fresh water
Name: 3D Fish School Screen Saver
Size: -
Publisher: Gelios Software
License type: Shareware
Price: 19.95$ Purchase
Home page:
Latest version: 4.96.7
Last updated: February 5th, 2011
Content: 3D Fish School Screen Saver is a nice fully customizable screensaver for those who love sea. With this screensaver you will be able to watch different species of fish swimming in a salt- or fresh-water aquarium with the marvelous background and to listen to the calming sounds of waves and bubbles. As I mentioned
before, the screensaver is fully customizable - and it is true, you will be able to adjust almost everything in this screensaver. First of all, you will be able to choose between 3 fresh-water tanks and 3 salt-water aquariums. Secondly, this screensaver offers you 11 fresh-water fishes and 11 salt-water fishes, you are allowed to choose whether to watch all 11 species or only some of them, or even none of them. Thirdly, you can turn the lights of the aquarium off and 'take away' its background. The fourth, you have a possibility to change the number of bubbles (up to 1000) and the number of fish you see on the screen (up to 100). Moreover, the direction of swimming is also adjusted, there are 3 possible variants: right to left, left to right or both. Then it is also possible to change the resolution of the screensaver and you are surely able to turn off the sound of waves and bubbles and adjust the bubbles sound volume and many more. And that is not all.., if you are tired of everything you can watch only the water without any effects just listening to it's calming sounds. The screensaver also offers you the clock with 12- and 24-hour modes with calendar, the color of which is also adjusted.



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