WebEx Recording Editor

Name: WebEx Recording Editor
Size: 5.31 MB
Publisher: Cisco Systems
License type: Commercial
Price: 59$  Purchase
Home page: www.webex.com
Latest version: 3.17.2100
Last updated: December 6th, 2010
Content: WebEx Recording Editor is a screen capturing application which supports three operating modes: recording (screen capture); playback; video edition. Screen video thus recorded can have audio narration and be converted to WMV format through the editor's export feature. The package comes with a set of comprehensive help files for each operating mode. Although this package supports individual playback
and optional personal recording of online webinars from Cisco’s WebEx conferencing site, it can also be used as a stand-alone player, recorder and editor of WebEx Recording Format (.WRF) files.
Once installed, the application will automatically be switched to playback mode whenever a WRF file is opened. However, the application becomes more interesting when the WebEx Recorder mode is invoked. This provides the ability to capture a video of all cursor movements and actions on the computer screen at an average rate of 10MB per hour. An audio narration can also be added while making the capture (or dubbed in later) and this will add a further 15MB per hour at the lowest quality audio setting.

A key advantage is that this software is really easy to use. In playback mode, a small window presents itself on top of existing windows which allows the user to open and play pre-recorded files using the standard icon buttons. When in record mode, the user first has to select an application (or applications) and create a new file to capture the recording before the record window presents itself.
Once the recording is made, the third mode provided with the package provides a full video editing capability, including segment definition, audio dubbing and insertion and deletion of selected segments. It is not as powerful and feature rich as paid video editing systems, but still provides a usable editor which is not too demanding on the CPU. Segments that you define are available in WebEx Player, allowing you to jump directly to a segment during playback. Download.


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