Name: Snare

Publisher: InterSect Alliance
License type: Open source
Home page:
Latest version: 3.1.8
Last updated: August 24th, 2010
Content: Snare is a web event log manager and viewer that can be set for specific events. This event logging tool allows to centralize the event log information, displaying just the required information. It allows to configure, add or delete certain events that are showed on the current event page. These events can also be
added and modified by the user. The program also works on multiple systems, so it can gather information from multiple servers or computers if the user sets up the network configuration page. The accumulated information can then be reviewed on a single screen.
The information is showed in web browser, arranged in columns like Date, System, Event Count and others. The event information can be filtered by specific parameters - to indicate which events should be displayed or not. The program also features a Remote Control option. It enables the program to restrict remote control of Snare agent to certain hosts, use a password to protect the remote control and change the port number.
Snare also provides a Status page which indicates the program's status. There is also a Registry dump option, which allows the user to watch registry keys and their values. Besides, the program shows Local and Domain users.

Its installation process is simple and easy to perform; some settings will be requested during the process. The GUI is easy to use as well, being Web-based. There is no documentation in the program, but there is a guide available on its website. Snare works on Windows (NT/2000/XP/2003) 32&64 bit, Linux, Solaris and UNIX platforms.



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