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Name: V-Day Sim Date
Size: 4.82 M
Publisher: Intrepid Dusk
License type: Freeware
Home page:
Latest version:
Last updated: June 22nd, 2009
Content: V-Day Sim Date is a Valentine’s Day date simulation program. This game was developed by Intrepid Dusk and can be played online on some sites, even at the author’s site. However, it can only be downloaded from NowStat, that is the distributor. This game is mainly for boys, or for girls who like girls. The
whole point is to conquer girls; there is no an option to conquer boys. It is February, 14th, and you still have no date. You should find a girl (there are lots of them all around) and give the right answers to their questions. The right answers are not the most logical ones; they are those that the author of the game, obviously a male teenager, believes the girls would approve. The whole purpose of the game is to get the girls almost naked. According to the author’s point of view, that will be the same as conquering the girl’s heart. For achieving your purpose, you will have to go through some challenges, like playing basketball, convincing the girl to change clothes to more revealing outfits, or fighting with other boys who want to steal your date.



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