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Name: RadioSure
Size: -
Publisher: TheBestWare Studio
License type: Freeware
Home page:
Latest version: 2.2.1004
Last updated: February 17th, 2011
Content: The Internet has changed the way we used to listen to radio stations. Now, it is possible to listen to almost any station worldwide; nevertheless, this can be somewhat cumbersome since we need to know the
URL of the station we want to find. This little, free program can connect us to literally hundreds of different radio stations in an easy and fast way.

Once the program starts, it shows the list of 13556 stations available. If you know more stations that should be in the list, you can create an entry in the program, and edit the database at the program's website. The program also has a powerful search feature; you only need to write a word in the search window, and a list of matching stations will appear immediately. Once you have selected the station, when a song is being played, the album cover, the song's title and other data such as the station's genre will appear in the interface. An interesting feature of this version is the possibility of installing the program both on your computer and on a portable device without the need to download two separate executables. You can use the portable version in any computer, maintaining your saved favorites. Other of the program's characteristics are the equalizer with four presets, and the possibility of changing the language of the program's interface. Also, you can change the program's skin by paying a small fee. If you find the program useful, you can make a donation.



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