Download Bluetooth Stack for Windows by TOSHIBA

Name: Bluetooth Stack for Windows by TOSHIBA
Size: 78.05 MB
Publisher: JGsoft
License type: Freeware
Latest version: 8.0.03
Last updated: February 1st, 2011
Content: EditPad Lite application is a small,compact, yet powerful text editor offering all the functionalities in a basic text editor. Editpad Lite contains a tabbed interface from where you can quicky switch among open files by clicking on their tabs.The tabbed interface also helps in reducing unnecessary cluttering on the workspace. If you want, EditPad Lite limits itself to one instance, saving you a lot of task switching, and keep an icon visible in the system tray, for quick access.
Powerful Search and Replace functionality and unlimited undo/redo options are some of the main reasons why Editpad Lite is among the top Text Editing choices of Web developers and Programmers. Many settings such as word wrap, line numbering and auto indent can be set for each file type individually. You could activate word wrap but not auto indent when editing a plain text file, and just the other way around when editing HTML code. You can also define your own file types which will be used to build the filters for open and save dialog boxes.
You can customise EditPad Lite to your own needs with the many preferences that you can specify for the appearance as well as for the functionality. Apart from these valuable features there is an Explorer view which can be used to make the file list more manageable and also a built-in browser view to see the Webpages created.



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